About Us

Relloe is on a mission to make manufacturing simple, accessible and affordable.

Our Vision

Relloe was started with the goal of making it easier for businesses to access quality manufacturing. We specialize in apparel, footwear and accessories, working with everyone from entrepreneurs looking to launch a new brand, to large corporations looking to improve the flexibility and stability of their supply chain.

Simplified & Accessible

We offer a simple and streamlined solution for businesses to access competitive supply chains that focuses on product quality, reliability and sustainability, supported by a 24 / 7 team of experts.

No prior manufacturing experience required.
All you need is an idea.

Experts in apparel, footwear and
accessory manufacturing.

Dedicated support team that you can
rely on, rain or shine.

Why We're Different

Manufacturing is complicated, where small mistakes can cost you a lot. The barriers to entry are sky high in terms of knowledge and access, as well as capital and time. Our platform was built to tackle that.










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