Quality, Reliable and
Transparent Manufacturing

Access a full service manufacturing and logistics solution supported by a state-of-the-art platform that makes it easy to manufacture new products.


Relloe offers a full service manufacturing service for the modern business, with a focus on quality, delivery, transparency and communication.


World class manufacturing made accessible to everyone


Operating a 94% on-time delivery rate and rising!


We leverage our connections to negotitate you the best price


Relloe charges a small platform fee on each order.


Designated onshore and offshore account managers provide A+ communication.


Build your business on a stable, scalable and reliable foundation with Relloe.

Meet Your Team
of Manufacturing Experts

With over 30 years of experience, Relloe provides every client with a designated onshore and offshore account manager that will work closely with you to ensure the successful completion of your order.

  • Designated Team of Experts
  • Fast & Responsive Communication
  • Transparent Order Tracking & Management

Free Costing
& Samples

Relloe offers free costing and samples to eligible customers, reducing the friction and time for launching new products and growing your brand.

  • 48 Hour Costing
  • 14 Day Samples
  • Streamlined Solution

Fair & Transparent
Pricing As Standard

We are aware of the importance of competitive pricing, and with multiple layers in a supply chain margins can get eaten up quickly. That's why Relloe offers one solution to handle everything from front to back for a small platform fee charged to the manufacturer on each order.

  • One-Stop Shop
  • Increased Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Fair & Transparent Pricing

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