Setting The Quality Standard.

The Relloe network has been rigorously vetted for social compliance, sustainability and quality control, with many partners holding certifications such as WRAP, SEDEX and ISO.

Our Approach

Relloe’s strength is the ability to select the best manufacturer for the required product type. Our extensive vendor base is socially compliant, experienced and reliable. We continuously source new product categories and add best-in-class manufacturers to our vendor base based on four main pillars of excellence.

Lead Times

Our agile network allows us to adapt to your needs as they change. Whether you are looking for a quick turnaround or are planning for the future, we can tailor a solution that suits you.


Relloe’s network maintains a high-quality standard and follows an accepted quality limit between 1.0-4.0 at all times depending on our customers’ requirements.


Relloe’s network of suppliers have the ability to meet all different types of price points, and we are constantly working to pass along the most competitive pricing for our clients.


Relloe maintains a 95% on-time delivery standard, and due to our 30+ years of relationships, we work with our suppliers to ensure our clients get preferred production with our suppliers.

How We Vet

Our Process

Relloe partners go through a comprehensive onboarding process that consists of an interview, factory visit, audit and evaluation.


A production facility applies to be a part of the Relloe network. Some of the information we ask about is centered around:

  • Product Specialization
  • MOQs
  • Pricing
  • Payment Terms
  • Lead Times
  • Sustainability & Ethics
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Relloe’s operations team will conduct an interview with the factories team to review the application and in depth vetting process to see if the applicant is a good fit for our network. Factories can expect to send us up tp date certifications, inspection reports and sustainability initiaivites before we proceed with the next steps.

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Factory Visit

If the factory meets our standards, Relloe’s operations and quality control team will visit the new factory to review its capabilities and strengths. This includes checking their showroom collection to gauge design input and expertise.

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Relloe’s quality control team will audit the current production taking place to ensure proper compliances and production are in order. Additionally, we audit and inspect machinery to ensure everything is working properly and up to date.

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Upon passing Relloe’s factory audit and quality control inspections, we will send the factory a tech pack to make sure they can meet our quality and delivery standards. Once we receive the sample and it passes our internal inspections and tests, the factory will become a trusted partner.

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The Relloe team will work directly with our designated merchant in the factory to review and map their current process. Everything from design and development to production and delivery is mapped to match Relloe’s automated process.

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Sustainability and Ethical Standards

Becoming a part of the Relloe network involves much more than submitting an application and passing a factory audit. Facilities that join our network have been on the proper environmental, social, and governance (ESG) path for some time and have been dedicated to improving the quality of their products and services to meet their customers’ expectations.

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